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What is Sentry Login?

Since 2001, Sentry Login Solution is the easiest and best way to add a member login form and password protection to your website. For just $4.95 per month, no other login solution available has all the features of this easy-to-use system. No wonder Sentry is the world's favorite! Just copy, paste, and publish. Works with WordPress, Squarespace, Yola, Blogger, Weebly, Yahoo Sitebuilder... more!

Finally... adding Password Protection and membership management to any kind of site is simplified. Instead of writing complex server code, Sentry offers an inexpensive online solution that lets you simply copy and paste customized code snippets to protect any of your web pages. Using Sentry, you can effectively keep your pages private. There are no server modifications or program installations necessary.
Sentry login works with WordPressEdit Your Way
Do you use WordPress? How about Squarespace, or Blogger? Any other online "site builder" type drag-and-drop editing tool? Then Sentry is for you. Sentry is as easy to install as copy and paste! No Programming! If you know how to edit your web pages, then you already know how to use Sentry.
You can add as many users as you wish, and have as many pages protected as you want. You can have unlimited Access Levels, too! And most importantly, all crucial member interactions are automated. Specialized pages for Password Reminder, Login Denial Redirection, (can be sent anywhere you want), Sign-Up Form, member My Profile area where members can change their password and other info. And every page looks just like your site. Whether your website is a personal site, corporate web presence, a stock tip sheet, or any other kind of subscription or membership site, or if you just want to protect a certain area of your website so that only a select few can enter, Sentry is for you.
Built-in Support for Stripe Subscriptions and Stripe One Time Payments!
Stripe has revolutionized secure online payments. Sentry has full support for Stripe Subscriptions as well as Stripe One Time Payments. And Sentry fully takes the lead with Stripe Webhooks... it's built right in. No need for a single line of programming. For example, member profiles are automatically banned on payment failure. Set back to active on payment restoral. So much more, and so easy!
Comprehensive, Powerful Online Administrative Back Office
With Sentry's web-based interface, you can administer your members from anywhere in the world! Google-like tools let you search members by name, e-mail, account number... even by entries you place in their Notes field. (You can even search by PayPal Subscription ID, something you can't even do in PayPal's search interface). Filter and sort by multiple criteria. Create PayPal Subscription definitions right inside Sentry. Customize your registration pages with any number of fields you like. Stats page shows you at a glance how much income your subscription site is earning from non-cancelled members, and our comprehensive Login Log helps you keep track of member login behavior, including attempted logins. The log even records IP addresses. Much more! No other login solution available has all the features of Sentry.
Greater Customer Satisfaction than GoPaywallGreater Customer Satisfaction than GoPaywall
Sentry Login is the preferred paywall system on the Web. Sentry Login beats GoPaywall's membership offering on features and performance. No wonder we get so many of their quitters!
Far Less Expensive than MemberSpaceFar Less Expensive than MemberSpace
At just $4.95 per month, Sentry costs just pennies per day! MemberSpace can be pricey when your member roster grows very large!
Better than Weebly's Member SystemBetter than Weebly's Member System
Sentry Login beats Weebly's membership offering on features and performance. Unlimited members, and Sentry works with FREE Weebly accounts! No wonder we get so many of their quitters, too.
How it Works:
After setting up your account, copy and paste the provided login form code on your home page. Easy! Next, simply copy and paste the provided Sentry page protection code onto your pages, then publish as you normally would. Your pages are protected from non-members, and you're ready to begin administration of your new password protected site from anywhere in the world! Sentry powers all logins, entry refusals, displays all messages, sends new subscribers confirmation e-mails, notifies you by e-mail when new members sign up, and best of all, each Sentry powered page looks just like your site. Sentry even retrieves lost passwords hands free and provides the member with a My Profile area, so they can do their own profile changes. All this for pennies a day. Sentry is truly the Best Value available!
Try Sentry Risk-Free!
Try Sentry with your website today. Give it 7 full days. If you're not completely satisfied with the performance, seamlessness, and level of control it offers, cancel within that time and you won't be charged the monthly fee. You have nothing to lose. And should you have questions, help is just an e-mail away with unlimited friendly tech support! Scroll down to view a fuller summary of Sentry features below.

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Sentry Member Login System Features

Our easy to use design app lets you fully customize the login box. Our easy to use built-in design app lets you fully customize the pop up login box!
Want to see the login box? Just go to our home page and click Member Login in the upper right. Imagine that cool login on your site!

Sentry is a full featured password protection / login system that your members will love
  • You can have an unlimited number of members!
  • Sentry Login works with: Weebly, WordPress, Squarespace, Yola, Blogger, Yahoo Sitebuilder, GoDaddy, Adobe Muse, Webflow, or any other platform that does not use iFrames.
  • Automatic e-mail confirmation to new member on signup
  • Automatic e-mail verification on signup
  • E-mail as username (now state of the art on the web)
  • Sophisticated and secure member Password Reset system
  • Member profile area for easy info updates
  • Member can be delivered to a custom landing page
  • Member's name appears in the login form when logged in (personalization)
  • Comprehensive member login log lets you keep track of user login activity
  • IP address of member recorded in login log

Compatibility and ease of use
  • Sentry works on ALL servers, including Windows, Linux and Unix Servers
  • Works with WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Yola, Yahoo Sitebuilder and more
  • No programs to install
  • No server modifications to make
  • No code to write: just copy, paste, upload. You're done

PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN)
  • Member access fully automated by PayPal Subscriptions Instant Payment Notification (IPN)
  • No code to write to integrate your site with PayPal IPN
  • No need to go to PayPal to create subscription buttons / links / forms
  • Cancellations handled invisibly, seamlessly. Sentry automatically bans cancelled members at end of subscription term
  • Rich set of member sort / search features lets you quickly find & manage members
  • Find members by their PayPal-assigned subscription ID (Something you can't even do at PayPal)
  • You can have 1, 2, 20... an unlimited number of PayPal Subscription programs going!
  • Works with PayPal Subscriptions or other processors (or none)
  • Supports multiple currencies, including U.S., British pound, euro, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, yen, and more
  • Supports a pay or promotional (free) membership structure
  • Full PayPal subscription income stats

Easy and user friendly
  • Customizable member registration form
  • Your own 'Terms Of Use' link on the registration form
  • Fully skinnable: matches your site's look & feel
  • Seamlessly integrates with your current site visually & functionally
  • Supports an unlimited number of manually administered access levels
  • No annoying advertising banners or ad links, ever
  • Built-in QuickStart Wizard
  • Full, free e-mail tech support... for life
  • Costs just pennies per day
  • Risk free trial offer