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EssayMaps has been designed to give users a concrete, easy-to-understand progressive course on writing English academic essays. After learning the basics of the hamburger paragraph or essay, you will write a basic five-sentence paragraph. Your sentences will be preserved and inserted into the next difficulty level, the "expanded paragraph." With each step, you can save and print your work in Microsoft Word in the form many universities mandate. You will then move to expanding this paragraph into a basic essay, with an introduction and developed conclusion. EssayMaps does the same with all common academic essay formats including compare-and-contrast, cause-and-effect and persuasive. By the end of this DYI course, the academic writing format should automatic, more than preparing you for the Writing Sample Placement Test. Afterward, EssayMaps can be used to write essays for your classes, producing word documents in the appropriate format. If you cancel the plan within 3 days, your card will not be charged. If you choose to upgrade to the next level, email to receive a $29.95 credit.

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Many students who have taken the EssayMaps course enjoy using it to write essay or research papers that my be required in their courses of study. If you choose to upgrade to 6 months, email to request a discount for what you've already spent.

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Those who wish to continue to use EssayMaps in their courses can also sign up for an annual plan. To have prior payments discounted, email