Spanish Pronto Vocabulary I ($6/month) Signup

June 17, 2018.

This course will introduce you to 500 of the most commonly used Spanish words. Each lesson contains:

This course includes 125 true cognates (words that look the same AND mean the same thing in both languages), 375 other most common Spanish words, additional forms of the counted words ('otro' is counted among the 500, but 'otra,' 'otros,' and 'otras,' although presented, are not counted), and additional words whose meanings you can often learn from the example phrases.

CURRENTLY ONLY COURSE I IS AVAILABLE, for USD 6 ($6.00) per month, (and I expect to complete the last 5 of the 36 course I lessons by early July [Lessons 1 to 31 are done]). If you wish, you can still subscribe now. If you are doing 5 lessons a week (morning bus/evening bus OR morning coffee break/afternoon coffee break, each day) I should be caught up by the time you get to lessons 32-36. (School is out and I have time.)

NOTE FOR LATER (once levels II, III, IV, and V are written and available): Although this course is shown as course "I" (one), that is largely just because the words here are the most commonly used ones. There is also some brief explanation of basic aspects of Spanish grammar (nouns and adjectives have number and gender [e.g., otro/otra/otros/otras] and verbs change endings depending on who is performing the action [I, you, he, we, y'all, they] and the time the action takes place (past, present, future, etc.) but beyond that, courses II, III, IV, and V (two, three, four, and five) differ from course I (one) only in having progressively less frequently used words in each "higher" course. In short, if you already know something about conjugating verbs and making nouns and adjectives agree with each other for number and gender, you can do any of these courses in any order. I have made little to no attempt to have one course (or page) build on, or require knowledge of, any other. The only real difference between levels is the frequency of use of the words in each level.

COMMENTS, FEEDBACK, SUGGESTIONS: Please just e-mail me at I am glad to hear from you. Thank you.

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