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Terms and Conditions 25 May 2020 / stores you personal details securely using the secure service. Your personal details will never be shared with any other third party. / will only use your data for management of your subscription to the live stream. The monthly subscription fee is processed securely Paypal via You agree to pay the subcription amount every month until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your subscription by clicking My Profile in the logon pop, log in, and click "Cancel Subscription". You will not be refunded any subscription fees already taken. Please email if you require assistance with cancellation and refund. is not part of Air Nav Systems LLC. Air Nav Systems sponsors will endeavour to provide the video stream service between the hours of 0700GMT and sunset daily. Best results are seen when aircraft are landing on the northern runway (27R). Note that due to wind direction aircraft may land on the runways 09L/R and so you will not see landing aircraft but will see aircraft taking off on 09L which are smaller in the video frame. Aircraft landing on the southern runway (27L) are smaller in the frame. You agree not to re-stream, redistribute, link, or capture the video stream for use on another website. You agree not capture and redistribute video stream on a storage media. You agree not to share your login id and password with anyone else. You agree to one free trial only. Please ensure you email me at so we can resolve any issues before requesting credit card company refunds. I am only a single person and run the site on a very limited budget to cover the costs. Please direct subscription queries to