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Policies,terms and conditions of Policies,terms and conditions are updated frequently. Members should update themselves regarding these changes by visiting privacy policy section of this web site. In order to become a member and maintain a membership of this web site,one of the requirements is to agreeing to follow the policies set for this web site. Members must use the login and web site information for personal use only. Sharing login or web site information by any means will result in permanent banning of your account and also your IP address .There is no refund of the fee paid. Banned members will not be able to register again by any means. Sharing login or web site information is strictly prohibited. Members login activity is monitored to make sure the privacy of the web site is maintained. Membership to this web site is obtained by agreeing to the policies and by subscribing to monthly subscription. This monthly subscription will be automatically billed every month . Members have the option of canceling membership at any time. Until the cancellation of subscription, members will be automatically billed every month. Cancellation of membership will stop further billing and access to the members area. There are no refunds. Subscription to membership allows members to access member area and to view the content in members area. Content is subjected to change. Subscribe to membership only if you agree to policies,terms and condition of the